Textbook Nutrient Therapy

Basics and application of orthomolecular medicine

Healing with nutrients

Due to industrial processing and increasing environmental pollution, today’s food may not satisfy an individual’s nutritional needs. A lack of nutrients increases the susceptibility to develop illness and thus, there are many reasons for using orthomolecular therapy. Vital nutrients regulate and normalize metabolic function and promote healing. Furthermore, conventional medical treatment methods are not blocked by nutrient therapy. Quite to the contrary, they are largely supported.

In this reference work, Dr. Blaurock-Busch has collected research studies that support nutrient therapy. Background information on the function and healing effects of nutrients in the organism are dealt with in the first part of the book. The second part is devoted to practical application of nutrient therapy and provides numerous clinical studies. This part describes, among other things, causes, symptoms of disease and gives therapeutic advice. The third part deals with laboratory diagnostics for determining the nutrient status.

This clear and well-structured textbook is suitable for doctors, alternative practitioners and all therapists who are interested in the healing effects of nutrients and would like to expand their range of treatments accordingly.

Hardcover (Width 177 mm, Height 247 mm, Thickness 27 mm), 356 pages

ISBN Print:   978-3-96474-412-8

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